I’m Jenni Schubring

life coach & speaker.


I’m Jenni Schubring

I have found so much contentment and freedom in discovering who I am and simply put, I want that for everyone.

When you look into your past, are you able to embrace your story?

Are you “stuck” because of a lie you bought into from your past?

Are you looking to embrace who you were created to be, but just can’t quite figure out how to do that?

Are you looking to find your value and your full potential?

As your life coach, these are some of the things that I walk through with you as you work to discover, develop, and embrace who you are.

Unhappy Clients

Summers at Camp

Pandora Stations

Weekly Chauffeur Kids

I have always found delight in seeing people make shifts as they work to become their best selves.”

I have always found delight in seeing people make shifts as they work to become their best selves. First volunteering and later working full time at a Christian camp in so many capacities has allowed me to work with people in different stages of their journeys. Those opportunities kept coming as I got married, had children, became a licensed foster parent, and a legal guardian while serving our community through our church. The past 5 years have been full of rediscovering who I was created to be and how I can contribute to God’s Kingdom through my giftedness through the Transformational Discipleship process. This process brought me to a place where I can’t help but want to help others find their own giftedness and recognize their value.

Where I’ve Contributed

Forward in Christ parent blog:  Since January 2015

You Are More Than Mom Summit Presenter Summer 2017

Guest Expert in The Content Clubhouse Fall 2017

Retreat Bible Study Leader at Camp Phillip Women’s Retreats SInce 2000


Coach Trainer for Transformational Discipleship Since Spring 2017

Coach for Transformational Discipleship Since Fall of 2015

Training Session Leader for Camp Phillip SALT (Summer Adult Leadership Team) Since 1997

Break-out Presenter for Christian Women Today Retreat

Presenter for Fit To Be Tied Since Fall 2015


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